Jack Gannon
Cyndi Williams-Barnier

Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams-Barnier are based in Beaufort, South Carolina, home of the Annual Water Festival held in July and the annual Beaufort International Film Festival every February.

Beaufort is the location of several great movies: Forrest Gump, The Great Santini, The Big Chill, The Prince of Tides, G.I. Jane, The Jungle Book, Platoon, Rules of Engagement, and more. The late Pat Conroy also called Beaufort "home".

Jack and Cyndi are writing the stories they talked about wanting to write in high school, and use the old Looney Tunes' makers philosophy of writing their stories to entertain themselves... then share them with everyone else! They hope you will get just as much entertainment from their stories as you read them!

Jack and Cyndi are also the founders of the Authors Under the Live Oaks book signing series and also the founders of YBR Publishing (both links are at the top of the page).